Founded on a passion for food, we stand proudly behind every product we represent. Our mission is to provide consumers with the best tasting, finest quality, great variety choices of food and beverage for all occasions, from morning to night, accessible always and everywhere.

All our products have been selected for their high quality and taste appeal. With our international networking we are constantly on the lookout for new innovative trends in the dynamics of the food industry. This refusal to accept anything but the best has resulted in our contribution to the improvement of standards in the local food industry.

Ahmad Tea : www.ahmadtea.com
Valledoro www.valledorospa.it
Poco Loco : www.pocoloco.be
Pacific Foods : www.pacificfoods.com
Snyder's of Hanover : www.snydersofhanover.com
Pulmoll : www.pulmoll.com
Pfanner : www.pfanner.com
St. Michel : www.stmichel.fr
John John : www.john-crisps.com
Rocky Mountain Marshmallows : www.marshmallowusa.com
Campfire : www.campfiremarshmallows.com
Krunchers : www.krunchers.net
Jays : www.jaysfoods.com
Itsuki : www.itsukifoods.jp
Pasta Rotti : www.pastarotti.com